Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Pace Bus

As a benefit to participants, The Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Full and Half Marathon Events will be offering pace runners led by experienced pacers from the Sydney Striders Running Club for a wide variety of times. We hope you will find this support useful as you strive to achieve your goals. Using the Sydney Strider’s Pace Team as your guide and coach, you will be able to relax and enjoy the race, knowing that experienced marathoners are looking out for you and moving you through the course at a steady pace.

If you wish to run with a “Pace Runner”, there will be a “Pacing Bus” which will be aiming for your target time window. For the 2014 Blackmores Sydney Running Festival Marathon and Half Marathon the following Pace Buses have been organised:

MARATHON and HALF MARATHON RACE TARGET TIMES + AVERAGE PACE/ KM (Link to each pacers by clicking on the finish times - new window should pop-up)

Marathon Target Finish                PACE/KM

3:00                                               4:15
3:15                                               4:37
3:30                                               4:58
3:45                                               5:19
4:00                                               5:41
4:15                                               6:02
4:30                                               6:23
4:45                                               6:45
5:00                                               7:06
5:30                                               7:49
6:00                                               8:31


(Sydney Strider Pacers from the Canberra Half Marathon 2014)

Half Marathon Target Finish        PACE/KM

1:25                                               4:01
1:30                                               4:15
1:40                                               4:44
1:50                                               5:12
2:00                                               5:41



How do I find or recognise a Pace Bus on race day?

All Pace Runners will be carrying a “Pacing Flag” which will clearly show the target time of the bus, and they will position themselves at an appropriate location in the start pack which will reflect their proposed finish time. They will be in place about 20 minutes before the race start time.

Will the Pace Buses run “even kilometre splits”?

No, there will be a delay in crossing the starting time (This will vary from bus to bus from a few seconds to in some cases towards the rear of the start line minutes). In the Marathon, once the field spreads out, the buses will run even mins/kms, aimed at getting to the 30km mark with a small time buffer (1 to 2minutes), so a slow down over the last 12.2km is possible. In the Half Marathon, once the field spreads out, the buses will run even mins/kms until the finish.

Will the Buses and Pacers help me achieve my Goal?

The Pacers will encourage you and help you towards your goal, and that’s all they can do. If you have set a realistic goal, planned suitable training, done the training, then the Pacers will be an asset to you by stopping you going too fast too early (or too slow too early).

Maybe the best way to treat a Pacing Bus, is to treat it as a “timeline” which moves along the course, if you stay in front of the time line, then you are in front of your target time.  And if you are behind the timeline, then you are off the pace.

Please read the next article regarding the Pace Bus Etiquette.

Special Thanks to Bruce “Digger” Hargreaves for the FAQ.

For further questions and to get in touch with your target pacers directly, join our Sydney Striders Pace Group on Facebook. 

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Canberra Marathon Photos courtesy of Amy Cheung and James Liew.